Cosmetic Resin Restorations and Fillings

The field of dentistry is ever evolving with newer technologies and the dental materials available are the best its ever been.  One example is composite resin materials.  Cosmetic resin restorations are a great way to fix broken  and/or discolored to keep your smile looking its best.  Resins are one of the most technological advanced materials in modern dentistry because of its durability, appearance, and uniqueness.  In cosmetic restorations, the shade of the resin can be matched to your teeth's natural shade to produce an aesthetic and natural smile.  Cosmetic resins can be a great solution for patients who are looking for a cost-effective treatment to fix chipped, mis-shaped, or discolored teeth.  Cosmetic fillings are minimally invasive and can be done in one visit to restore your sparkle and confidence!

In addition to cosmetic resin restorations, all restorations to fix cavities and decay, including molar teeth, are performed with composite resin.  Commonly referred as "white fillings", composite fillings offer patients a more appealing result that matches their natural shade and does not turn dark over time.

Dr. Vo and his associates combine their experience and knowledge with the use of high quality resin materials to give you the best results.  If you have a chipped tooth with uneven edges, cavities, or old amalgam (metal) fillings that are affecting your smile and confidence, then cosmetic resin fillings may be a treatment option for you.  Schedule your appointment today and experience the benefits of composite resin technology.